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Over 101 million Americans participate in wildlife activities like hunting and fishing on a yearly basis. For most people, participating in these activities is a way for them to forget about the stress in their life.

The key to having success as a hunter is choosing the best equipment on the market. While most hunters know the value of having a great rifle or top of the line camouflage clothing, many forget about the importance of truck accessories.

There are tons of pickup truck accessories on the market specifically designed for hunters. With the right truck accessories, your time in the woods will be even more enjoyable.

Read below to find out about some of the must-have hunting accessories you need for your truck.

1. All-Weather Floor Mats are Great Truck Accessories

As any hunter knows, you have to be willing to get a bit muddy to find the biggest deer in the forest. While you may not mind getting dirty, your truck definitely does. Failing to protect the carpeting in your truck can lead to stains, or even worse, grief from the spouse. The best way to provide this protection is by investing in custom fit all-weather floor mats.

Trying to skimp on the quality of the floor mats you put into your hunting truck to save money is foolish. Ideally, you want to invest in the toughest and best fitting mats you can find. While these higher-quality mats might cost a bit more, they are definitely worth the money.

2. Appealing Seat Covers are a Good Idea

When trying to keep your hunting truck looking its best, a fresh set of seat covers can go a long way. Luckily, there are a number of seat cover options on the market. This means you should have no problem finding a set that fits your taste and budget

Most hunters opt for camouflage tinged seat covers due to the appeal and functionality they have. Before you settle on a set of seat covers, you need to make sure they fit your particular truck.

While there are a number of "universal fit" seat covers on the market, they may require significant modification or may just fit poorly. The best way to avoid headaches during the seat cover installation process is by getting covers that are made specifically for your brand and model of truck.

3. A Gun-Toting Toolbox is Essential

One of the biggest issues a hunter will face when trying to get all of their gear to their favorite patch of woods is where to put their gun. Trying to merely prop it up in the passenger seat of your truck is not only dangerous, but it can also result in the gun becoming damaged.

One of the best ways to solve this common problem is by getting a side-mounted toolbox specifically designed for holding guns. These toolboxes allow you to carry your guns and ammo with ease. Du-ha is a company that makes under seat storage options that will fit a shotgun or rifle easily inside the cab. Another company, Tuffy, has storage options inside the cab and bed that are lockable.

Before you settle on a side mounted toolbox for your hunting truck, be sure to take a few measurements. By measuring your hunting rifles from end to end, you can ensure that the box you purchase will be able to accommodate your needs.

4. Provide More Protection With a Bed Liner or Cover

For most hunters, their truck is one of their prized possessions. This is why finding ways to protect the various parts of the truck is essential. One of the areas of a truck that takes the most abuse is the bed.

Over the years, the elements will begin to take a toll on the bed of a truck. If you are looking for a way to protect this part of your truck, then investing in a quality bedcover or liner is important.

Usually, bedcovers will be a bit more expensive than liners but they offer a higher degree of protection. Bedcovers will keep most water out, protect against the suns rays.

If you want a bedcover, then working with professionals in the truck accessory industry is a good idea. Typically, a truck bedcover can be installed with little to none assistance. However, a bedliner is more complicated and is recommended to have a professional assist with installation.

5. A Gun Rack to Mount Inside of the Truck

Most hunters have a number of different guns they like to carry with them on hunting excursions. Even if you have a side mounted toolbox, it may not provide enough room for all of your guns.

Instead of having to leave some guns at home, you can mount a gun rack in the cab of your truck. When choosing a gun rack for your truck, be sure to consider how durable and well-made it is.

Ideally, you will want to choose a rack that is either made of metal or hard plastic.

6. Truck Tents Offer Flexibility

Enjoying the great outdoors doesn't have to end when the sun goes down. If you want to sleep in the woods but don't know how to pull this off, investing in a truck tent may be a good option.

These tents are erected over the bed of your truck. This means you will not have to worry about sleeping on the cold hard ground.

Increasing the comfort of this sleeping arrangement is easy if you get a large air mattress. With this setup, a night in the woods can be a pleasurable experience. If you’re looking for an air mattress designed to fit your truck bed exactly, consider Truck Airbedz.

7. A Good Jack and A Spare Tire Can Come in Handy

When navigating your way through rough terrain on a hunting trip, you may find yourself with a flat tire. The last thing you want is to let this mishap ruin your entire trip.

By investing in a quality jack and a spare tire, you can fix your flat in no time at all. When choosing a jack, be sure its weight capacity is designed to hold the weight of your truck.

Pro Tip: Most trucks come equipped with a jack and spare tire. The caveat to this is many used trucks are sold without that equipment. Also, if the truck owner decided to upgrade wheels and tires the factory jack might not be big enough to actually change the tire or the spare tire may not be functional (due to being too small).

Finding the Right Truck Accessory Professionals

If you are unsure about how to trick out your hunting truck, working with an experienced truck accessories supplier is essential. These professionals will be able to offer you guidance regarding which accessories are the best fit for your needs.

Are you in the market for high-quality truck accessories? If so, contact us to find out more about the accessories we have to offer.