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What can a lift do for you?

There are many offroad applications for lifting your truck, but there are also cosmetic and every-day functionality applications for your lift as well.

Manufacturers intentionally build vehicles with a lower front end (also known as rake) for multiple reasons. One reason to decrease wind resistance and improve fuel economy. A second is to allow the truck to sit level when carrying a heavy load in the bed or towing.

If you want to change that, leveling kits and lift kits can help. Which one do you need?


2-3″ lift

Looking to get a little extra ground clearance? A leveling kit is the solution for you.

  • Raise the front, back or both ends of the vehicle to increase the capability of more wheel travel and additional clearance under the vehicle.
  • Allows for bigger wheels without the complexity of a lift kit.


For 4″ lift or more

If you’re looking for a more aggressive lift that can accomodate larger tires or more rigorous off-road conditions, a suspension lift is the way to go. 

  • Perfect for more demanding off-road conditions
  • Often requires more components than leveling kits to maintain proper geometry
  • Can accomodate larger wheel sizes than a leveling kit


Louisville, KY

LINE-X of Louisville is an Authorized BDS Dealer which means we can offer all the perks that come with a BDS lift. If you’re committing to a lift, you want it done right. Our team of experienced installers will make sure every aspect of your lift is done right and will last you for years to come.

  • Only authorized dealers can offer the BDS Factory Protection Plus which includes Supplemental Drivetrain Limited Protection and the BDS Suspension No Fine Print Warranty
  • Consult with our experienced team on the perfect lift and components needed


BDS offers one of the best warranties in the industry promising that original purchasers of any BDS product will receive a new part if it breaks. No hassle. 

Additionally, BDS Suspension independently tests all suspension kits to verify they are fully compliant with the stability control system requirements set by Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) No. 126.

Not all Lifts are the Same

What goes into a “better” lift kit? Better materials, better construction and better testing. Using a better lift kit increases the likelihood that your suspension will perform as expected under duress, like in an off-road situation. Lesser kits carry a higher risk of failure and leaving you stranded.
For reliable, off-road use, we recommend BDS for your next lift.

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